Hot or Not: Candy Couture

20140315-192447.jpgFrom Charlotte Olympia to Swatch, candy gone couture seems to have become fashion’s latest accessory trend. Even Chanel has taken part–Lagerfeld himself sent logo-emblazoned candy-inspired creations pictured above down his runway last week! Though those double-Cs won’t be available until August, the aforementioned offering from Charlotte Olympia–a pair of $945 pastel pumps complete with a “candy bracelet-inspired anklet”–are up for grabs right now. Love the look, but aren’t willing to drop nearly $1000 on an ultra-trendy item? Swatch’s “Caramellisima” watch clocks in (ha) at $60 and provides massive (adorable) style mileage. At an even CHEAPER price point, Perpetual Kid keeps it classic with this $6 faux candy necklace choker. Love!
What do you think of the candy couture trend? Is this a look you like? Something you’d wear? Hot or Not?!
Liza, Editorial Director

Image via Instagram


5 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Candy Couture

  1. I can go either way on this one. I’ve seen CO’s candy-ankle-bracelet shoes and I thought they were playful and cute, but I’m not sure I like this chanel take on the trend (except for that cuff bracelet…sign me up for one of those). I guess I just prefer when designers take novelty pieces like this and really transform them, instead of just throwing Cs on there like Chanel seems to have done here. What do you think?

    • I totally agree–I’m torn on this one! I like the concept (I think) but most of the execution is a liiiitle too twee for me. That lucite Chanel cuff, though…that’s another story 😉

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