About ShopMieux

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Kelsey McLain began as being one of the top sellers on eBay. The 22 year old Dallas native got bored being torn between constantly being at home glued to her iMac and her multiple times a day runs to the post office. She wanted something new. Unable to get away from her love of women’s fashion, she decided to turn her eBay store into a full service brick and mortar shop.

On February 1, 2013, ShopMieux opened it’s first physical location in Uptown, Dallas, TX. ShopMieux specializes in women’s clothing only and allows fashionistas to trade in their pieces for cash on the spot. ShopMieux is recognized by the top media outlets in Dallas including D Magazine & The Observer. During our first month of being open, ShopMieux was already recognized as a women’s must-shop store in Dallas. After gaining lots of success on their e-commerce website, ShopMieux decided to take their store completely online! Locals in Dallas can still stop by and drop off their clothing to sell, however, new products will only be available for purchase on their website www.shopmieux.com!

We’re overjoyed to not only be able to provide 40-90% off brand name & vintage pieces to Dallas residents, but to the world!


2 thoughts on “About ShopMieux

  1. Hi Liza and Rida. I am very impressed by your wonderful achievements. May your future be as bright as you imagine it. Thank you for letting me know that you are getting value from my posts.

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