Life Meets Style: Perfectly Plated


Image via Pinterest

I’ll be honest–It’s not every day that a table setting catches my eye. This one, however, is a different story. From floral details to pattern to shine, everything about this scene is perfection. I mean, don’t you want to know what the story is with this setting? Isn’t it a party you’d like to attend? I do! I would! Bold, feminine, and beautiful–eye-catching and aspirational. The perfect plate!
Liza, Editorial Director


Thirsty Thursday: Purple Rain

We’ve talked pink drinks at length in this column, but purple drinks are uncharted territory! Being a Minnesota girl, however, as soon as I spotted this violet cocktail on Pinterest, I knew I had to share it with you all. After all, it’s named after a Prince song! Prince! We love Prince. And on the weekends, some of us love cocktails. This is the best of both worlds. Here’s how it’s done!
Purple Rain
1 1/4oz blue curaçao
1 1/4oz vodka
2oz cranberry juice
2oz pineapple juice
1/4oz lime juice
Shake all ingredients & pour over ice, or blend with ice for a frozen drink. Enjoy!
Drink up, Mieuxs! ❤
Liza Editorial Director

Image via Pinterest

Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Details Galore

What’s the first thing you notice when you glance at this image? A back full of bows? The iconic Chanel bag? Maybe the wide-brim hat? This look has a lot going on. From the perfectly highlighted, bed-head mop tucked under the aforementioned wool hat to the fingerless gloves, I love the casual juxtaposition of classic, tailored lines and pieces with more effortless and relaxed shapes. And those details! There are style elements to look at everywhere. Perhaps it’s more suited for a Sunday brunch or Saturday-day out shopping, but it’s still totally inspirational. After all, that effortless, cozy-chic vibe always has a certain appeal and a little Chanel never hurt anyone, right? 😉
What are you wearing tonight?
Liza, Editorial Director

Image Via Pinterest

Thirsty Thursday: Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail

Cake cake cake.

Be honest, guys–does looking at this chocolate cupcake cocktail not make you totally salivate? OMG. Frosting. Sprinkles. Chocolate syrup?! Yes, yes, and yes. Dying. The Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail comes courtesy of Java Cupcake (and Pinterest, naturally!) and is apparently a strong, sippy-status drink. It contains whipped cream vodka, amaretto, and chocolate cream liquor to create that cupcake-esque flavor you crave. Click over to Java Cupcake for all of the ingredients and and full instructions! If you’re feeling extra indulgent, I hear there’s nothing like chasing a cocktail with a cupcake 😉 Bring on the funfetti!


Liza, Editorial Director

Mani Monday: V-Day Nail Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in a few things: pink/red combinations, chocolate, frilliness, and anything and everything girly. Enter: Valentine’s Day nailspiration! From basic red to candy hearts to ombre, here are  five v-day inspired nail looks sure to thrill!

Glitter-Spiked Half-Moon Mani

Who knew pink + gold made for such a cute combo, right? The half-moon styling on this manicure provides a little edge to an otherwise very feminine and tame nail game–perfect for a v-day spent with your girls.

Loves It: Red & White Heart-Spotted Accent Nail

A traditional red manicure? Not for you! Spice things up with a heart and a white accent on a single digit! Note the ring finger placement 😉

Conversation Hearts Manicure

Nail art aficcionados, this one is for you! Utilize your five favorite pastel shades as a base and slap on sassy conversation decals to rep your favorite chalky hearts. Super cute.

Sweet & Sassy V-Day Chevron

Another accent nail?! Uh huh, honey! This one is chevron-inspired–super simple, super stylish. Bonus: change up the colors and it’s perfect for just about any holiday.

Gradient Sheer Pink Nails

If you’re a nail minimalist (like moi!) this just may be the v-day mani for you. This shiny sheer pink ombre provides a subtle nod to v-day sensibilities without hearts. I’d rock this one year round!

Doing anything special with your nail game this v-day? Which of these manicures tickles your fancy?


Liza, Editorial Director

Pinspired: Building A Wardrobe With Help from Pinterest!

Ever since Pinterest introduced their custom-curated, personalized “Interests” section, I have been even more enamored with the website! The home feed is great and everything–seeing what your friends and favorites pin is always an excellent source of inspiration–but Interests just took things to another level. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the new section organizes custom boards based on things you’ve personally pinned, searched, and liked. For me, this means new boards full of Victoria’s Secret hair, Anna Wintour, healthy dinners, beauty hacks, and leopard print coats, just to name a few topics of interest! If anything could make Pinterest more addictive, this is it. Topics are tailored exactly to each users interests, meaning that you’ll probably be logging some additional hours behind your laptop, enthralled in your favorite “research” topics. Aside from healthy living and VS beauty, another one of my custom Pinterests interests is something called “Build A Wardrobe“. I’m obsessed! The board is chock full of endless outfit ideas, packing tips, essential basics, and wardrobe remixes galore. I love seeing how other ladies stock their closets and determine what’s essential. Here are links from a few of my favorite pins!

  • Build A Wardrobe On A Budget: Fashion Essentials Every Frugal Girl Must Have: This super-informative article from Frugal Beautiful not only provides and essentials lists, but also features shopping tips!
  • Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Capsule wardrobes always intrigue and inspire me–you have to be massively creative to be able to mix and match the same few pieces over and over and over again while still looking stylish and fresh! This piece from UK site Jodi Goldman provides 7 simple steps for doing just this! With just 13 pieces (not including shoes or accessories!), you can create 90+ outfits. Love.
  • Building A Wardrobe Series: Part 1 – Out With The Old: This piece from Real Girl Glam deals specifically on the initial phase of building a wardrobe: closet clean out! This is a totally essential step for anyone looking to start fresh, get organized, or simplify or modify her style and closet.
  • Putting Me Together: Style / Wardrobe Tips: More than a mere article, this entire site focuses on creating what the author calls a “remixable wardrobe”. So. Many. Resources! It’s a must-bookmark. If that’s not endorsement enough, the pinner before me noted, “When I went looking for resources to help me grow-up my wardrobe, this was the most helpful blog! Gentle, low-budget support for building a wardrobe that is versatile, remixable, classic, and fitting.” That’s the dream, girls.

Have you checked out your Interests page on Pinterest? What have you found?! Any tips for growing a wardrobe you’d like to share?


Liza, Editorial Director

Life Meets Style: Chic Handbag Storage & Display

Confession: I’m kind of obsessed with handbags, but I am totally terrible at arranging them. I drape my current bag-of-choice over the arm of a chair, leave it on the counter, or place it next to our trunk, all while I leave the rest of my collection scattered randomly throughout the house. Coat closet? Check! Desk drawer? Check! Bedroom closet? Check? Under the desk? Check! And I don’t even have that many bags! It’s an issue. Back in the day, the guy I was dating had a super rad vintage coat hanger that I adopted as my own and used specifically for handbag storage and display. It was pretty perfect–everything was in one place, access was easy enough, and the display itself was interesting and fairly attractive. For me, the whole display aspect of purse storage is almost as important as functionality. I love a good fashion-meets-interior-design item! Love! I think my collection of clutches and crossbodies jammed into my top desk drawer is making my bags sad, guys! I mean, maybe my luggage-sized nylon totes are fine to being relegated to the top shelf of my closet, but my cute little bags? I think not! There are a ton of Life Hack-type pins suggesting that purses should be hung on shower hooks in your closet, for example, which seems like a fairly legitimate storage solution, but I’m not into that. I want to be able to SEE the hot pink Marc by Marc, the cognac Hayden Hartnett, or the brushed gold Botkier without trying, then select the right bag with ease. The above photograph, which I found on Pinterest, is apparently of Joy Bryant’s apartment/purse storage system. See how she made the whole thing kind of arty and cool? I LOVE that! Of course, I couldn’t display an entire handbag collection on slices of wood alone, but it’s a start, and a potential solution for my smaller pieces. I can’t help it – I need it to be pretty. So those in-the-closet purse hooks are out, as are bins, as are desk drawers. On my radar: Cubbies, exceptionally cute or creative hooks, and a shabby chic, perhaps parisian-inspired hat tree. This needs to happen. The bags must be seen! 😉

How do you store YOUR handbags? What do you think is the most functional, attractive, and simple way to display and stow your purses?


Liza, Editorial Director