Style Cheat Sheet: The Perfect Necklace for Every Neckline

Pinterest saves the day again: I caught this infographic floating around my feed and knew I had to share. Styling, as you know, is somewhat of a science–there really are formulas for perfecting your look, as evidenced by this image. When it comes to the ideal neck candy, there are a myriad of variables to take into account: symmetry, length, neckline, layers, not to mention what you’re already wearing… Needless to say, it can take a lot of mixing and matching to create your ideal look. With this helpful chart, though, there’s no need for trial and error! Check it out and get inspired!

Image via Pinterest.

Necklaces + Necklines: Here’s how to do things right. Image via Pinterest.

Genius, right? Gotta love a good fashion formula.

What are your rules for accessorizing? Any styling commandments you live by? Apparel advice you wish you had? Share your tips, tricks, and thoughts with a comment below!


Liza, Editorial Director


Trend Alert: Tassel Necklaces

When it comes to jewelry, sometimes you just have to make a statement. Do so with super-trendy piece du-jour: the tassel necklace!

Perfectly styled life! If this photo doesn't make you want to up your accessory game with a tassel necklace, nothing will. Image via Pinterest.

Perfectly styled life! If this photo doesn’t make you want to up your accessory game with a tassel necklace, nothing will. Image via Pinterest.

Though you may not realize it upon first glance, this trend is actually highly customizable. Just think…there are potential variables in normal areas, like color of metal and type of material, but also in chain length, the size of the tassels, design intricacy, and even the number of tassels on your necklace! If there’s one thing I’m into, it’s a trend with built-in options. Tassel necklaces also fit into a variety of style aesthetics–they can be incredibly bohemian when teamed with a maxi skirt and a tank, or truly glamourous with art deco appeal when styled with a drop-waist party dress. Another option? Jazz up those basics! A tassel necklace makes the perfect accompaniment to a classic white v-neck. Love that. If you’re into the tassel trend, get shopping! We’ll get you started with the list of buyable options below.

Buyable: Tassel Necklaces

Braiding, pave additions, and multiple tassels provide a more glamourous take on this trend. Image via Pinterest.

Braiding, pave additions, and multiple tassels provide a more glamourous take on this trend. Image via Pinterest.

What do you think of the tassel necklace trend? Would you wear one?


Liza, Editorial Director

Trend Alert: The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It. Image via Pinterest.

The Eyes Have It. Image via Pinterest.

Eyeball accessories, while perhaps a bit creepy, are shaping up to be a hot seasonal trend for 2013. Pendants, bracelets, earrings…You name it and you can buy it. But why?! For starters, some people believe that sporting the eye will protect the wearer or ward off evil spirits or bad luck. Others, of course, just think they’re cute and stylish. To each her own! While the evil eye symbol has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and has appeared all over the world, they’re currently making a resurgence on the US trend radar. The Dannijo/Man Repeller collaboration, the MR DANNIJO collection, for example, features the stylized eye quite heavily. Celebrities from Rihanna to Mary-Kate Olsen are eating it up. You into it? Here are a few evil eye accessories to start your collection.

This evil eye disk pendant from Bauble Bar would be beautiful alone or worn as a layering element. The contrast between the yellow gold chain and back, white crystals, and turquoise iris is stunning.

If you’re feeling splurge-y, you can’t go wrong with this Meira T evil eye bracelet complete with diamonds and turquoise accents. It’s $800, but offers nearly a quarter carat of diamonds packed into a dainty, fashion-forward package. It miiight be worth saving up for!

Another take on the evil eye trend comes in the form of this abalone statement ring by Rachel Roy. Aside from the texture and colors in this ring, the styling of this interpretation is a bit different than other offerings, which I like.

Another splurge-y piece, these Jordan Scott earrings will set you back over $2000! If you’re into the oxidized silver, white diamonds, or turquoise-colored stones, they feature, however, the value is priceless…Especially when you consider the potential life-enhancing properties the evil eye purportedly holds.

My final pick is this multicolor enamel evil eye cuff by Dream Collective. Why? Because upon first glance, this doesn’t even register as “evil eye” on my radar–just a cuff with a cool design. Subtle can be stylish.

…Personally, I think I’ll be picking up one of Bauble Bar’s evil eye pieces to layer, but that’s just me! Would you wear evil eye jewelry? Why or why not? What accessory trends are you feeling for the season?


Liza, Editorial Director

True Collars

I was just paging through my Pinterest feed when this photo jumped out at me! How cute are these statement collars?!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Flossy! Though I’m typically not a collar-wearing kind of girl, these trendy toppers may make me rethink that policy. I especially love how each of these collars displays a totally different aesthetic and vibe. Pearls and rounded edges would be perfect for a feminine, dolly-inspired look. Chains and studs are a bit more edgy or rocker. Rhinestones and sequins are for a wild child glam girl. The look is high-fashion approved, of course– statement collars have made runway rounds in previous shows and collections from Milly, Miu Miu, and Vuitton, just to name a few. From colored tips, to decorative trim, to all-out crochet, upping your collar game creates a unique focal point for an ensemble and can function as a chic little nod to your personal style.

This statement collar totally makes this outfit. One single piece added texture, color, and shine! Beautiful. Image Credit.

This statement collar totally makes this outfit. One single piece added texture, color, and shine, not to mention a little edge! Beautiful. Photo Credit

Embellishments aside, isn’t it crazy that something as simple as the shape of a collar can totally change up the feel of an outfit? Dramatic, pointed collars, for example, appear more masculine than shorter, rounded styles.

There’s a lot to love about this trend! Bonus: Some of the collars featured in the photo above appear to be completely detachable–either heavily bedazzled necklaces, or simply stand-alone collars (aka “dickies”, no?) that could be mixed and matched with any suitable top or dress. Commitment-phobic fashionistas rejoice! It couldn’t be easier to embrace the statement collar without buying a ton of new blouses. Now that I like.

What do you think, ladies? Do you like the statement collar? Would you incorporate any of these into your look? For further collar inspiration, make sure check out the “collar” tag on Pinterest!


Liza, Editorial Director

Trend Watch: Back Necklaces

Blame it the girls: back necklaces are going to be big. Anne Hathaway’s done it. So has Jennifer Lawrence:

If the Oscars were any indication, we’ll be seeing more spine-draping styles in the seasons ahead! The hottest new trend in jewelry is a sexy way to highlight a backless top or dress, and can be worn by those with both classic or edgy aesthetics. Feeling bold? Go for ceramic baubles, art-deco inspired jewels, or chunky pieces. If your look tends to be a bit more demure, opt for a simple chain, lariat, or strand of pearls for a dainty look. Whatever style you choose, the jewelry is an ultra-feminine way to add interest to your look.


Love this simple multi-chain back necklace from The Cools – so dainty!


Coco Chanel-inspired?! Pearls-on-pearls-on-pearls from Maison Martin Margiela, via Net-a-Porter


This Kenneth Jay Lane stunner wasn’t designed to be worn backwards, but because there isn’t a visible clasp, it’s the perfect candidate for a backwards flip! Via Net-a-Porter

A little unpractical? Maybe. But you must admit – they are pretty, and easier to wear than a body chain! I’m loving the extra spotlight these gems are shining on a typically covered but totally sensual body part. Hot! Bonus: the trend couldn’t be easier to try out DIY. You probably already own a few necklaces that could simply be flipped for new a sexy back! Be on the lookout for these pieces in the months to come – the look is going to be big!


Liza, Editorial Director