Thirsty Thursday: Classic Mimosas

This Thirsty Thursday, we’re raising our glasses to a classic: The Mimosa! Have you guys ever stopped to truly look at a mimosa? I spent a few (k, 20) minutes perusing the tag on Tumblr and came to the conclusion that the mimosa may be the best libation ever. They’re like a gulp of sunshine, champagne, and happiness. And that glass? So stylish. They’re also super simple to make–simply go halfsies on champagne and orange juice. Of course, recipes can vary a bit depending on your drinking companions 😉

Cheers, darling!


Liza, Editorial Director


Listed: Fall To-Dos

It’s no secret: Here at Mieux & Mieux, we love a good list. Another thing we love? Autumn–especially since it’s arguably the best time of year for fashion. Naturally, when I stumbled upon this adorable fall to-do list that recently pinned by Nordstrom, I was instantly inspired to create my own! Check out both our lists above and below for a little bit of autumn inspiration 😉

Indulge in pumpkin-flavored everything.

Wear booties whenever possible.

Search for the biggest, most perfect fall leaf and find something pretty to do with it.

Make cinnamon sugar baked apples at least once.

Sleep with the windows open.

Get pictures taken in a photo booth.

Embrace jewel tones, chunky knits, and leather.

Join in! What’s on your list this fall?!


Liza, Editorial Director

The Obsesh: Heart-Shaped Sunnies

20130605-223309.jpgWhat I want most in life right now is a fresh pair of heart-shaped sunnies. And the fact that my queen Lana is wearing them…ugh, I just can’t. They might be a tad bit garish, but given the proper time and place, they are as retro glam as it gets. Think about it: retro cut-offs, a 50s sweetheart bikini top, and these by the poolside?
What do you think? Fab or drab?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest