Thursday Pick-Me-Up: Ryan Gosling Takes It Off for ‘Place Beyond The Pines’!

We’re putting fashion and style aside this Thursday morning to bring you this piece of amazingness…If you’re a Ryan Gosling fan, you’re going to want to see this. Not a believer? Well, this just may change your opinion on the sunshine kid. (Because hey, here’s a #tbt moment, Ry Gos was a Disney darling in Remember The Titans back in the day!…though he did not play character ‘Sunshine’) Why this scene was axed for The Place Beyond the Pines, I’m not sure–after all, don’t directors love shirtless/ or otherwise half-naked shots of in-demand leading men??–but really, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that now we all have the opportunity to see America’s Sweetheart take it off. Ow ow!

Kinda makes you reconsider his good-guy persona, right? Of course, there’s more: Yesterday Perez Hilton posted a GIF of the pivotal moment in this scene, and we’re including that here too. That’s love, guys.


You know you just watched that at least 10 times. But it’s fine–GIFs are mesmerizing. I mean, how can you be stressed out after that?! You totally cannot. You’re welcome. Happy Thursday.

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? Will you be seeing The Place Beyond the Pines? Any other thoughts to share?!


Liza, Editorial Director

The Jam: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) by Fergie ft. Q-Tip & GoonRock

While I’m sure you’re all probably sick to death of the insane amount of Great Gatsby coverage by now, this jam from the film’s soundtrack is too good to miss! An original, Gatsby-exclusive song contributed to the soundtrack by Black Eyed Pea Fergie, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” is a perfect summer dance anthem with swing, hip-hop, and dubstep influences. Add this one to your pregame playlist right meow! Aside from being ridiculously catchy and impossible to not perk up when you listen to it, the song references the amazing, opulent, over-the-top party scenes in GG. Who doesn’t want some of that?! Listen for yourself below!

Baz Luhrmann and Jay-Z though! This is good, right? I can’t stop listening! Any song that justifies a little craziness gets a top spot on my recently played list, and Fergie knows just how to do it right. If you’re wondering about the rest of the tracks, trust that the entire Great Gatsby soundtrack is just as Jam-worthy–and not just to me! It debuted #1 on the Billboard Digital Albums chart in it’s first week. Then again, with covers, originals, diverse musical genres and styling, and a collection of some of today’s hottest and most talented artists, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Love love love.


Liza, Editorial Director

#sohotrightnow: Kerry Washington

Fresh-faced and fabulous: how amazing is Kerry Washington?! Image Credit

Fresh-faced and fabulous: how amazing is Kerry Washington?! Image Credit

Actress Kerry Washington (AKA Olivia Pope to Scandal fans) is pretty much the definition of “so hot right now”. While she’s all over the place these days (and that’s a good thing!), it’s likely that you were first introduced to Ms. Washington more than 10 years ago–she was in 2001’s Save the Last Dance! Come 2013, Kerry’s star continues to rise and the leading lady has truly come into her own. In the past few months alone, Washington has won two NAACP Image Awards, ranked No. 2 on People’s 100 Most Beautiful People, won a Victoria’s Secret What Is Sexy? award for best lips, and appeared on this month’s cover of Elle…And that’s all OUTSIDE of her crazy-hot acting career!  On-screen, besides starring in TV’s Scandal, Kerry also played the female lead in winter blockbuster Django Unchained as well as a title role in Tyler Perry’s recently released Peeples. Oh oh! And just yesterday, she gave the keynote commencement speech at The George Washington University and  was granted an honorary doctorate degree. Talk about a girl on fire!

So beyond obsessed with Kerry at the Berlin premier of Django! Vuitton dress, Loubs, and that clutch...Impossibly chic. Image Credit

So beyond obsessed with Kerry at the Berlin premier of Django! Vuitton dress, Loubs, and that textured clutch…Instant girl crush. Impossibly chic. Image Credit

Though Kerry’s on-screen wardrobe in always on-point, I’m really beginning to love her off-set style! Since this year has been so major for Washington in so many ways, we’ve been treated to a veritable treasure trove of best-dressed worthy red carpet looks–wardrobe, hair, and makeup included. Though she’s gone through a few minor changes in personal style over the past few years, one of my favorite things about Kerry is that her picks always seem genuine. She chooses stylish and sexy items, sure, but overall, they also always look like Kerry. She’s true-to-herself. So while we’re all watching Kerry Washington’s latest roles in the acting world, we need to add her to our list of budding style stars as well. I mean, really–talent, intelligence, and a smokin’ hot bod and a beautiful and fresh face? Of COURSE she’s stylish, too. This girl has it all.

Here are just a few more examples of Kerry's red carpet prowess. Gotta love a girl who takes risks, plays with color, and is a total chameleon! Flawless. Image Credit

Here are just a few more examples of Kerry’s red carpet prowess. Gotta love a girl who takes risks, plays with color, and is a total chameleon! Which look is YOUR favorite? Image Credit

Do you love Kerry as much as we do? Have you noticed her apparent sartorial expertise as of late? What other celebrities are #sohotrightnow? Let us know!


Liza, Editorial Director

Inspired: Cleopatra

Elizabeth-Taylor-001 Fashion and movies go hand-in-hand, and even years later, classic films such as “Cleopatra” (1963) still inspire the world. As one of the most expensive films ever made at $44 million, $323 million today, the film actually took a loss at the box office. “Cleopatra” was a tedious production, full of setback with Taylor’s illness, and bad weather. Still, the lavish sets and period costumes were unlike anything of its time and made an impression on film. Goddess Elizabeth Taylor played leading lady Cleopatra, a pivotal role in her career. She holds a record for one of the most costume changes, 65 total, throughout the course of the film and looked sexy in every outfit. I lust over the 60s interpretation of the classic story with the dramatic Egyptian eye makeup, ornate headdresses, and sultry fabrics. Whether or not the tale was historically accurate, the film was opulent and theatrical and definitely transcends as one of the most iconic films to date. Getting inspired by this film doesn’t mean just being Cleopatra for Halloween. Channel your inner Taylor by opting for a heavy top liner and bronzer for high impact on a simple outfit. You could also layer lots of gold, playing with headpieces, chains, and deep gem tones. Let us know what inspires your style!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

The Ticket: The Great Gatsby

the_great_gatsby_movie-wideI got home from the midnight premier of The Great Gatsby, one of the most widely anticipated films of the year and arrived conflicted. The night started off full of excitement with giddy high schoolers dressed up as flappers and eager movie-goers, myself included. Maybe my expectations were way too high, given Fitzgerald’s book is phenomenal, the movie soundtrack is phenomenal, and Leonardo Di’Caprio is always phenomenal, so naturally I expected it to be, well…nothing short of phenomenal. I would not say the film disappointed me, but there was something about it that just did not sit well.

To start off, the beginning turned wildly annoying, cluttered with unnecessary graphics and Disney style cinematography. I’m not sure why they felt lame graphics were necessary for the iconic film, but it happened. One of my amateur mistakes I admit to making early on began with comparing the new Great Gatsby to the old 1974 Great Gatsby starring legendary Robert Redford whom I have an old-man crush on. The original possessed a subtlety and let the emotions draw you in. The new Gatsby was so Baz Luhrmann, and not entirely in a good way. You know that sweet, pretty girl that just cakes on so much makeup she looks like a drag queen? This is movie is that girl. We all know and love the beautiful story, but there’s so much superflous nonsense it takes away from the emotional element. So, the graphics and over-effects irked me. The 1920s were a time when people were warming up to the idea of reckless abandonment and the loosening noose of morals, but some parts of the film were too unbelievable. I get it’s a movie, but I did not expect this much unrealistic kitsch. And let us not forget Gatsby’s grand entrance which was so cheesy I actually felt nauseous. Leo looked on point, though. Also, The love story aspect appeared neglected, or perhaps developed too quickly. I wanted to be captivated and moved by the emotional struggle that I felt in the book and old film, but that did not happen. The film was really fast paced when it did not need to be. More content, less confetti.

Now it may appear that I hated this film. Not true. I actually really liked it, but the few things I didn’t like…I really didn’t like. I appreciated the clothes and the set design. Next, the party scenes were amazing because they were so insanely overindulgent. Sensory overload. Luhrmann wanted to depict wild scenes of excess and succeeded. Aesthetically, it was breathtaking. The music, I admit, has me perplexed. On one hand, I love the current references to Jay-Z and Beyonce. I also die for Lana Del Rey‘s “Young & Beautiful”, which played throughout. However, not sure if the music fit well with the rest of the period. Bold move, and I loved when Quentin Tarantino used modern music for “Django Unchained”, but not sure if that same tact worked in this film in its entirety. I also loved that this film, in contrast to its predecessor, explained more about Gatsby’s life and truth. The acting was phenomenal by all the characters and I was extremely excited to see Indian legend Amitabh Bachan on the Hollywood screen as the shady Meyer Wolfsheim. Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carrey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan (which was an interesting choice), Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan and Isla Fisher as Myrtle. My heart for Leonardo will always go on, and today, he saved a potentially sinking ship with his Oscar-worthy performance (sans his incessant “old sport” saying).

The thing about remakes is that they are to be remade with a new and unique element to them. In this case, that fresh element could have just been Leonardo Di’Caprio and the awesome cast. I get they are trying to sensationalize an almost jaded story and tried to appeal to the youth of today with the hip-hop and dubstep references, but often times it felt disjointed. I needed more 1920s, and less Disney and it would have been perfect. I think I really want myself to love this movie, but I only just really like it. Still, I do suggest everyone go watch it and let us know your thoughts!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

The Ticket: Ironman III


Despite all the finals cramming and nonsense going on, and for lack of better judgement, I went to go see Ironman 3. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. Was it worth not studying for my last finals of my undergraduate career…debatable, but I’ll lean towards a resounding “yes”. Opportunity costs, people! But for real though, this movie was epic. I’m not a huge movie buff/critic per se, nor am I one of those Marvel/comic crazies, but the Ironman trilogy has been supremely entertaining through and through (Ironman 2 was slightly sub-par in comparison). This, ladies, is something you can definitely tolerate with your man. It’s funny, exciting, and has more emphasis on the love story than in previous films. There’s enough action, but it’s easy on the testosterone by comparison and I would say this one is a tad more intelligent than the other comic movies. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow looks hot as hell, not as delicious as Robert Downey Jr. however. He makes me giddy. All the actors were great, especially Sir Ben Kingsley, who is just genius. I had such a good time, I cannot decide if I like Ironman 3 better than the first, but regardless, I definitely suggest you go see it! Oh, and if you haven’t figured out how these comic movies go, STAY UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS.

e92281ecbc5b4e36ed10b7928f19f6a9Robert Downey Jr. Le swoon

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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On ‘Girl Model’


Last night, PBS aired Girl Model, a 2011 documentary on the realities of the lives of young, aspiring international models. Around 50% of the movie appears with subtitles, as the film chronicles the life of 13-year-old Siberian model Nadya who speaks virtually no english. The english half of the film follows Ashley, a former American model-turned-scout as she travels the globe in search of the next big face for the Japanese market. Ashley isn’t particularly likable–she’s quite self-loathing and conflicted about her place in the industry and purpose in the world–and many of her scenes became hard to watch. Without Ashley, however, the film wouldn’t have ever been made: Girl Model’s director and producer revealed that it was Ashley who approached them to create the film, which was originally intended to focus on the thin, often-crossed line between modeling and prostitution in the overseas fashion industry. Though this issue is only briefly touched upon in the film’s final cut, Girl Model is still equally enlightening and disturbing. From the extreme demand for child models (12-13 is ideal, though girls are told to tell their agencies and clients that they are at least 15) to the lack of paid work, security, or regulations available to models, to their inevitable isolation and incurring of debt, the film casts a not-so-positive light on a very glamourous industry.

Girl Model is unlike any other modeling exposé I’ve ever seen. There is no mention of eating disorders, drug problems, or creepy photographers in this film. The central theme of the film is not fame, glamour, or superstardom…It is about the exploitation of an endless crop of very young girls by the entire international modeling industry. At its core, Girl Model is an atypical, sometimes disturbing glimpse into a world many of us love, but truly know little about.

If you missed the PBS broadcast last night, Girl Model will be streaming online today through April 23rd.


Liza, Editorial Director