Inspired: Cleopatra

Elizabeth-Taylor-001 Fashion and movies go hand-in-hand, and even years later, classic films such as “Cleopatra” (1963) still inspire the world. As one of the most expensive films ever made at $44 million, $323 million today, the film actually took a loss at the box office. “Cleopatra” was a tedious production, full of setback with Taylor’s illness, and bad weather. Still, the lavish sets and period costumes were unlike anything of its time and made an impression on film. Goddess Elizabeth Taylor played leading lady Cleopatra, a pivotal role in her career. She holds a record for one of the most costume changes, 65 total, throughout the course of the film and looked sexy in every outfit. I lust over the 60s interpretation of the classic story with the dramatic Egyptian eye makeup, ornate headdresses, and sultry fabrics. Whether or not the tale was historically accurate, the film was opulent and theatrical and definitely transcends as one of the most iconic films to date. Getting inspired by this film doesn’t mean just being Cleopatra for Halloween. Channel your inner Taylor by opting for a heavy top liner and bronzer for high impact on a simple outfit. You could also layer lots of gold, playing with headpieces, chains, and deep gem tones. Let us know what inspires your style!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor