DIY: Safety Pin Collar Necklace

Such a fun and unique little DIY for you creative Mieuxs! It’s really simple. Use a wire or any thick, structured thread and string gold safety pins through. Double up and add another row for a thicker, fuller collar necklace! You can always spray paint safety pins whatever color you want. I haven’t tried this one myself, but the idea looks fab.

Would you try it? If you do, Instagram your pics and tag #mieuxandmieux, so we can see just how creative you are!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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The Obsesh: Heart-Shaped Sunnies

20130605-223309.jpgWhat I want most in life right now is a fresh pair of heart-shaped sunnies. And the fact that my queen Lana is wearing them…ugh, I just can’t. They might be a tad bit garish, but given the proper time and place, they are as retro glam as it gets. Think about it: retro cut-offs, a 50s sweetheart bikini top, and these by the poolside?
What do you think? Fab or drab?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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Chanel Does Dallas


Chanel’s creative director and premier fashion badass Karl Lagerfeld announced back in January that Dallas will play host to the Métiers d’Art show next year. The iconic, annual fashion show will launch Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection in tradition with traveling to unique destinations and pulling from the local culture.


The last show was held at the ruins of a Scottish palace. In response, Lagerfeld said at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in New York, “To do the opposite, next time, in a year, I will go to Dallas. You know why? First of all, I love Texas. I love Texans. There’s another reason. When Chanel reopened, the French press was beyond nasty. The only press that understood it immediately was the American press – so I think it’s a nice thing to go there.” (via Vogue)

I for one, am crazy excited that the brand is picking my hometown to host one of my favorite fashion events. What can we expect? Not sure, maybe cowboy-themed Chanel? Though I hate reinforcing that stereotype, I’ll let it slide because, well, it’s Chanel. While there’s no word as to the specific details and venue yet, you can bet everyone will be selling their souls to get a seat at the show. I’ll give up my first born for a seat (kiddingish)! Dallas has been steadily climbing the ranks as a fashion hub and to be on the radar of a man who steered Coco Chanel’s vision, is very promising for our classy little city.

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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Interior Decor: The Artistic Abode

20130604-221906.jpgNot sure if this is a guy’s room, but does that even matter nowadays? All I know is that this room is totally me–chic & eclectic. I’d probably need warehouse/loft space to create the same look, though. There’s a funky element that’s really personal and intimate at the same time. The quilted headboard, drop-drown urban lighting, hippie throw blanket, and built-in raw wood shelves are so unique. And I’m loving the artwork as well as the deep tones. Totally fresh! What do you think?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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Boy London

20130602-235748.jpgPerhaps you’ve seen a few hipsters, street stylers, and Rihanna stuntin’ around the subtle (cough, cough) Boy London gear. Lately it seems to be all the rage, but the brand has had a tumultuous run. Back in the 80s, punk designer Stephane Rayner opened shop on Kings Road. Edgy, wild, fashion forward fiends flocked as Boy London garnered a super enthused cult following. Boy George also had a fun run with the brand. The scenesters were outrageous, but the brand did not last due to excessive replicating.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.42.29 AMWhen Boy London decided to make a comeback and collab with Urban Outfitters, which is when I heard about them, new life was given to an otherwise ancient and exhausted brand. Haute personalities like Rihanna, Chloe Sevigny, and Natalia Kills became part of a newly vamped campaign. There’s a new cult following of hipsters and bloggers, rushing to make an old-school, logo-centric brand cool again. I think anything Rihanna does is cool (besides taking back Chris Brown), so I’m a tad biased. What do you think? Is it cool, or better left in the 80s, along with grunge?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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The Obsesh: Chunky Gold Chains

07209d16f07d513a9ef87d6f47e5e805I’m sure you’ve seen many bloggers and personalities rocking a chunky gold chain round their necks, as it’s super pops in street style. Rihanna does it, as well as loads of other urban musicians. There are many chains online inspired by the Celine ID tag or the Versace lion head medallion, but I find myself using the solid, simple one most. Maybe some of  you have thought, “Um, that’s kinda gaudy”, but if you’ve been like “Oh damn, I want one”, I have what you’re looking for. They’re referred to online as either chunky link, curb chain, or thick chain necklaces and here are my top 5 online spots to snag a necklace of your own:

  1. ($9.50)
  2. ASOS [Here are some good ones: extra chunky ($42.43), long chain ($17,82), triple pack ($42.43), four pack ($23.76), classic ($25.46)]
  3. Etsy ($14.48)
  4. eBay ($6.98)
  5. Nordstrom ($28)

If quality is really important to you, why not splurge on a real gold chain? My mother has a few simple 24 carat gold ones that I wear from time to time, and I love them. These were really popular back in the day, so definitely raid the family jewelry box before you buy one of your own. Be careful before you buy, some of the gold-plated lustre of costume jewelry rusts and rubs off.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.04.02 PM  Gold is definitely an acquired taste. I used to hate it because that’s all my family would wear, but then it grew on me. There’s nothing subtle about this trend and sometimes it can be horrendously gaudy, but as long as you remember to limit yourself to one major gold facet, you’ll be okay. Opt for a huge ass gold chain, or then pair a bunch of thinner ones. How much is too much? Well, that really depends on your taste and self-discretion. No one wants to look like Mr. T, but some major hardware at the neck on an otherwise more subdued outfit can really make a statement. I personally go for one big one because it’s easier and less clutter, but thinner ones one a more casual outfit might do the trick!

What do you think? Gaudy and ghetto? Or gorgeous and glam? Let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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Designer Spotlight: Sabyasachi

0e214638ee70cd50855ac6054bc3ea44 One of my absolute favorite designers of all time is Sabyasachi Mukherjee, known as just Sabyasachi. He’s an international icon in the realm of fashion, showcasing at NYFW as well as countless other fashion weeks around the world. Most of his works have a brilliant Indian, old-world flair, but he pulls inspiration from many cultures. He began his brand in 1999 after studying at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi, the same school premier designer Prabal Gurung attended. Since then, Sabyasachi has been a moving force in fashion.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 5.50.04 PM

Sabyasachi varies between vibrant palettes, and more earthy tones. He also crosses the lines between typical western versus eastern fashion.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 5.49.55 PM

He dresses for the quintessential Indian with an aesthetic that is so traditional, but also possessing a bit of a baroque flair.

b48d8be42e8d2a6033e6e0bcb77e23b8While he does have boutiques in various parts of the world, Sabyasachi is extremely coveted and rarely accessible to the general public. I was able to get my hands on one outfit of his back in Bombay in 2009 (after selling my soul). His designs are luxurious  charming, ornate, and a reminiscence of history. Scores of designers attempt to copy his vintage and forgotten prints, but a true Sabyasachi original is more than prints, rather a compilation of textiles, embroidery, handwork, beading, and an overarching artistic vision. I mean, the guy single-handedly made me love floral, which is quite the feat. And I have always loved designers that can blend influences because it definitely shows in the clothing.What do I love most? If there’s anyone who I feel embodies the art of fashion, especially in regards to rich, cultural undertones, it’s Sabyasachi.

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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OOTD: The Shopping Outfit

20130601-203041.jpgCame across this absolute glorious shopping outfit recently. Well, I like to think it’s the perfect shopping steez because it’s chic, casual, and seemingly comfy, you might think it’s better suited for something else. There’s so many subtle things to love. For the summer, denim shorts are crazy cool to style. I love the blouse underneath, especially since I don’t believe it’s see-through (which is my pet peeve), and the pastel blazer is on point. Oh, and let’s not forget the huge, badass initial necklace! Love it all, do you?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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DIY: Mason Jars


I have this really unhealthy obsession with mason jars. I know, like why would anyone really have a relationship with a jar, right? However, this is real life. And this jar is pretty freaking cool. In 1858, John Mason invented the first canning jar with screw top lid, and since then the “Mason” jar has evolved into a multipurpose, and super creative outlet. Pinterest also really loves da mason jahs because you can do virtually anything with it. What types of things, you might ask? Well…

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.38.38 AM

1. You can use it for lighting with candles for lanterns, or bulbs as unique fixtures

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.38.17 AM

2. You can store anything in them. My personal fav is using it as a brush holder with glitter rocks or marbles in the base

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.43.44 AM

3. Serve drinks, or dessert, or even use it to pack a quick on-the-run salad for lunch.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.50.56 AM

4. Use it as a flower holder, table decor, or mount it on the wall

These are only a few uses for the versatile jar. It’s a perfect DIY for the summer, and you can find them for cheap at most stores, especially Hobby Lobby (don’t forget to use the weekly 40% off coupon!). If you come up with a nifty way (because apparently people still say nifty), be sure to post a pic and tag #mieuxandmieux on Instagram or Twitter. Happy DIY-ing!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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