Fashion Fools?

If you’re at all tuned-in to the fashion blogosphere, you probably witnessed Cupcakes and Cashmere’s April fool’s tease: The Statement Anklet. While the 4/1 post date was a pretty obvious indication that we were being tricked, I have to admit that I’m actually a little bit upset that this “trend” is a hoax! After all…those ubiquitous statement necklaces of yesteryear HAVE been taking up more space in your jewelry box than on your neck as of late, no? Plus, nothing jazzes up a bare leg like some jewels, right? 😉 K, maybe not, but I’m all about a little ankle icing every now and then. I mean THESE?! Kind of fabulous. Honestly, if this trend catches on, I won’t hate it.
Were you a victim of any April Fools shenanigans yesterday? Any similarly awful-but amazing styles you secretly love?
Liza, Editorial Director

Image via Pinterest.


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