Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Details Galore

What’s the first thing you notice when you glance at this image? A back full of bows? The iconic Chanel bag? Maybe the wide-brim hat? This look has a lot going on. From the perfectly highlighted, bed-head mop tucked under the aforementioned wool hat to the fingerless gloves, I love the casual juxtaposition of classic, tailored lines and pieces with more effortless and relaxed shapes. And those details! There are style elements to look at everywhere. Perhaps it’s more suited for a Sunday brunch or Saturday-day out shopping, but it’s still totally inspirational. After all, that effortless, cozy-chic vibe always has a certain appeal and a little Chanel never hurt anyone, right? 😉
What are you wearing tonight?
Liza, Editorial Director

Image Via Pinterest


One thought on “Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Details Galore

  1. Those bows definitely was the first thing I noticed. I love the sweater but I think I would love it even more if those bows would be just a little smaller. 🙂

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