Mani Monday: Oscar Nails


Catch the Academy Awards last night? Maybe just the pre-show? The world seems to have developed a love-hate (or maybe just hate-hate) relationship with E!’s signature “mani cam”. This illustration Newsweek posted on Tumblr sums things up pretty nicely, actually. Thanks to the introduction of said mani cam, however, we’ve all gotten a much better, closer, high-def glimpse at the hands, nails, and rings on our favorite celebrities. So, what was trending at last night’s Oscars? In a word, neutrals. The classic next-to-nude, safe, whisper pink mani graced many a celebrity nail with notable exceptions in Emma Watson and Charlize Theron, both of whom donned deep, inky hues. So, in honor of our dark beauties and last night’s festivities, we bring you this fab Oscar-themed nail art from Polish Dept. Bold, dramatic, and eye-catching–better than most of the manis last night!
What did you think of last night’s Oscars? Catch any cool nail art the cameras missed?
Liza, Editorial Director


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