Saturday Sweat Sesh: Ballet Beautiful Bridge Series

As you may have heard, I am quite fond of barre-based exercise routines. Barre3, Physique 57, Bar Method–you name it, I love it. Using classic ballet techniques and small isometric movements, these workouts work to shape your silhouette and provide a long, lean, and toned aesthetic. Sounds promising, no? The weekend is the perfect time to give a new workout modality a try! The video that follows is from Mary Helen Bowers’ ‘Ballet Beautiful’ method. If that name sounds familiar, it probably should! Mary Helen is the trainer (and former prima ballerina) who whipped Natalie Portman into shape for Black Swan and who is responsible for training a bevy of Victoria’s Secret babes.  Want  to sculpt a similar shape? Consider this video your ticket!

This particular clip features Mary Helen’s famous bridge series–an intense workout for your inner and outer thighs and butt as well as your hips, calves, and abs. It’s only 15 minutes, but if you do it right, those 15 minutes are all of the toning you’ll need! Combine this with a quick cardio sesh and you’re golden.

Have you heard of Mary Helen Bowers? Are you into barre? What’s your favorite way to sweat?


Liza, Editorial Director


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