#WCW! Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, My All-Time Idols

Happy #wcw! For me, it is and always will be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I’ve been obsessed with the Olsen twins ever since I was a little girl watching Full House. Only back then, I didn’t call it “Full House”, I called it “Michelle”. My love for MK&A runs deep, y’all. I read their books. I’ve seen ALL of their movies. I own pieces from Elizabeth & James and covet basically everything produced for The Row. I’ve even written about my obsession with them before on this very blog! It only makes sense that these girls are a double-dose of #wcw over here. To that effect, here are three of my favorite MK & A red carpet moments.

Met Gala 2006 

Style. Icons. Both in custom-made Badley Mischka frocks (which isn’t surprising considering their spokesmodel duties of this particular era), Mary-Kate and Ashley flaunted two equally stylish but completely different fashion aesthetics. Ashley keeps things covered with long sleeves and a high neck and Mary-Kate skews boho with tumbling waves and a low neck.

The Olsen Twins Circa 2007

OMG you guys. How perfect do MK & A look here?! I’m loving the contrast between their outfits, their signature next-to-natural makeup, and the abundance of accessories. No one rocks a fist full of rings like the Olsens, as far as I’m concerned. Again, even though this look is 7 years old, the ladies style is timeless–this wouldn’t look at all out-of-place on today’s red carpets.

ELLE Style Awards 2010

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

We’re jumping ahead to 2010! This look is four years old and the twins still look flawless. I’m obsessed with both the sheer-maxi, exposed legs vibe and the ultra-deep V on Ashley’s Christian Lacroix gown. Mary-Kate stuns in an equally fabulous Lanvin number.

Which of these Olsen looks is your fave? Who’s your fashion-wcw this Wednesday?


Liza, Editorial Director


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