Fashion News: Urban Outfitters Does Workout Wear

Image via Instagram @gowithoutwalls.

Image via Instagram @gowithoutwalls.

Sometimes, the best motivation for completing a tough workout is a cute outfit. In that vein, Urban Outfitters has some excellent news for fit fashionistas: They’re getting into the activewear game. 

Image via Without Walls.

Image via Without Walls.

Launching in select stores and online March 1st, Urban’s ‘Without Walls‘ line is to offer not only their own particular brand of cool clothes for the especially active and outdoorsy, but will also include pieces from activewear powerhouses like Patagonia and Vans. Expect everything from hats to shoes to badass yoga pants for you and your boyfriend–catch a sneak peek of the collection over at Refinery29 with a 10-image Without Walls slideshow. According to a UO spokesperson, the company is “excited to present a line of products that is fun and spirited for folks who don’t want to sacrifice personal style while on the go.” So yeah–this endeavor has your name written all over it, sporty girl.

Does Without Walls appeal to you? Will you make a special trip to Urban for some new workout gear?


Liza, Editorial Director


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