Fashion News: Lululemon + Lingerie = Love?

Lululemon, Canadian purveyors of high-end yoga pants (and controversy), has been making quite the rounds in headlines as of late. This time, however, the company may just score some new publicity for the right reasons….Or at least ones that are better than sheer pants served with a side of alleged body shaming.

Lululemon is partnering with Fortnight Lingerie in plans to offer a capsule collection of athletic-inspired luxury lingerie! Fortnight, if you haven’t heard of it, is a Toronto-based venture famed for flattering fits amongst large-busted women. Even better than new, expertly designed undies, however? The proceeds of the Lulu/Fortnight collab will be donated to Imagine1Day–a charity started by Lululemon’s founder, Chip Wilson, that helps Ethiopian children receive quality education. Apparently, the idea, as stated by Fortnight’s founder/designer Christina Remenyi, is “using beautiful lingerie to educate, inform, and spark conversations relating to gender equality in Ethiopia.” Pretty cool.

The collection is to include high-performance pieces spiked with Lululemon’s “Power Luxtreme” fabric and Fortnights latex-free elastics. Expect high-waisted undies, slips, and bralettes including Fortnight’s signature chevron jacquard lace – pieces embracing strength and femininity, priced from $58 – $188. The line will launch at an auction THIS Tuesday, 2/11, at the Lululemon Lab in Vancouver.

How do you feel about Lululemon? Would you wear Lulu lingerie?


Liza, Editorial Director


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