Label Love: Skivvies by For Love & Lemons

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, lingerie seems like a reasonable topic to discuss to death. You’ve seen it–underwear stories are everywhere right now. Holidays aside, however, this line should be on your radar. There’s no better time to treat yourself to something flirty and fabulous than the present, right? Trust me – when you see this line, you’re going to want to treat yourself immediately. Enter: Skivvies by For Love & Lemons.

Launched in summer of 2013, Skivvies is a bohemian-friendly lingerie brand carefully bridging the gap between underwear and outerwear. If you’re a tumblr user, you’ve probably seen the cheeky, naughty slumber party-style shots from the Skivvies 2013 lookbook, shot by Zoey Gorssman, littered throughout your dash. They’re sexy for certain, but also totally goofy–which is actually a fairly decent explanation of the Skivvies line as a whole: sultry, but offbeat.

From bras to bodysuits to robes, Skivies is perfect for the girl who wouldn’t be caught dead in basics from VS. There is an obvious emphasis on texture – the line features delicate lace, crushed velvet, and sheer fabrics to create an ultra-romantic vibe. These are pieces that are clearly meant to be seen, whether that’s in the bedroom by a special someone or with peeks of eyelash-inspired lace peeking out from underneath a crop top. Expect cut-outs, minimal coverage, and a lot of strappiness that you’ll be dying to show off. Skivvies designers Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall note,

“The idea of SKIVVIES was born from the desire to create one-of-a-kind lingerie with the intention to be shown off and worn under all types of garments, the more the lingerie peeps through clothes, the better. Skivvies pieces are intended to we worn under sheer garments or outfits that you have difficulty finding the right undergarments for. They are meant to be shown off while covering your body in all the right places.”

Sounds pretty killer, no? Trust me, ladies: a very large portion of my next paycheck is going straight to Skivvies…which means I’ll be getting a lot of lingerie since the line is also pretty reasonably priced–think, higher than VS but much, much lower than Kiki or AP. If you consider yourself sexy-meets-unexpected, Skivvies is definitely the lingerie for you.

What are your favorite lingerie brands? How do you feel about Skivvies?


Liza, Editorial Director


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