Thirsty Thursday: State Drinks!

Were you aware that your state has a “signature drink”? According to the map above (and BuzzFeed), they do, and there’s a science to the drink selection process:

“America boasts an almost endless array of liquor, making the choice of one signature cocktail for each state a tricky task. But every state gets tipsy in its own special way, and we chose these cocktails with some semblance of logic: a combination of state of origin, popularity, and exclusivity. Not everyone will agree with all the choices, but hey, it’s all still booze. And booze is great. Cheers!”

Minnesota‘s (my state!), apparently, is “The Bootleg”, which is something I’ve neither tried or heard of. Texas? The Mexican Martini, which you may or may not know is a combination of tequila, Cointreau, sweet and sour, lime, orange juice, and Sprite. Iiinteresting. If you’re looking to get state-pride tipsy or just want something trendy to order at the bar, arm yourself with this list and get sipping!


Liza, Editorial Director


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