Mani Monday: Gold-Spiked Nails That Go With EVERYTHING!

While I touched on the obvious perks of a neutral-hued manicure in my last Mani Monday post, more is always more. These gold-spiked nails are the perfect combination of class and sass: ultra-high shine and classic shape are taken to a totally glam level with the inclusion of tiny gold bars and a sparkly accent nail. To me, this is the ultimate in understated nail art. An elevated classic that goes with everything. Another thing I love about this look is the simplicity–these nails are short and shaped! Perfect if you’re not into traditionally long nails or trendy talons.  A final bonus: Achieving the look is incredibly simple for beauty aficionados and non-artists alike. All you need is your favorite neutral polish shade, a high-gloss topcoat, and a sparkly polish for your accent nail. Oh, and those gold bars? Nail striping tape! Told you it was easy. Just cut, apply, and you’re golden. Literally. Gotta love simplicity.


Liza, Editorial Director


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