Mani Monday: Ports 1961 Nude Nails

Sweatpants. Sweatshirt. Laptop. Netflix. I’m officially having a sick day. The one good thing about being sick, though, is that forced down-time provides the ideal opportunity for an all-out online binge. I’ve spent the afternoon pouring over BuzzFeed, endlessly scrolling and re-pinning on Pinterest, and getting lost in my Tumblr dash. I may feel a leeetle bit like death, but I’m (almost) convinced that the ultra-relaxing white-blue glow of my MacBook screen is nursing me back to health one tweet at a time. Since I obviously have time on my hands this afternoon, I wanted to select a Mani Monday pic that really spoke to me. This is it! Coming from a pin from Lacquerous Nails’ “High-Fashion & Lacquer” board, the featured manicure is a bit of a throwback–it’s from the Ports 1961 Spring 2014 show. Remember when a nude manicure was THE nail trend a few years ago? Well, I for one am hoping that it makes a comeback. Nude manis are virtually impossible to mess up, chips are basically unnoticeable, they make your digits look ultra long and lean, and they provide a blank canvas for whatever statement jewelry you choose to rock. Pretty and polished, but totally understated. Ports’ particular paint job skews a little more toward pink and pearly (gotta compliment those dewy model cheeks, natch!) but I find a true nude (or almost nude)–whatever your personal neutral, nude shade is–flattering and fashion-forward.

Would you rock a nude nail?


Liza, Editorial Director


One thought on “Mani Monday: Ports 1961 Nude Nails

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