Fashion News: A Mean Girls Jewelry Line is Happening!

SO fetch. Image via Stella & Bow.

SO fetch. Image via Stella & Bow.

Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. 10! Insane, right? Really, it’s about time that someone dedicated wearables to the most quotable movie of our generation, and Stella & Bow has done just that. Co-creator Lauren Brokaw notes,

“Most all of our favourite movies have been capitalised upon, via clothing, home goods, fashion accessories – except for Mean Girls. For its 10th anniversary, we wanted to pay homage to our favourite movie, which has provided countless hours of entertainment and fun.”

The aptly-named “Burn Book Collection” features a range of jewelry inspired by the film which will be available for purchase online starting in February. Each piece is named after a character in the movie–Aaron Samuels included–and many feature nods to the Mean Girls script. Bracelets that say “fetch”, hair clips that are “full of secrets”, and a pink gold bangle that says “Wednesday”? Totally in. Peep the line in it’s entirety over at Vogue News.

How do you feel about Mean Girls jewelry? Will you be buying any of Stella & Bow’s pieces? Can you believe it’s been 10 years?! 


Liza, Editorial Director


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