The Jam: Shakira & Rihanna – ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

As much as I love underground, indie, and otherwise hip jams, I also have a super-soft place in my heart for Top 40 divas. No, we’re not talking about Beyonce (although have you guys HEARD the song ‘Blow’ from her new album?! Omfg.) we’re talking Shakira. And Rihanna. Shrianna. Rikira? You know the deal. They did a duet!

The perfectly tanned-and-toned duo collaborated on this track, ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’, and the result is pretty dece. If you like classic Shakira vibes mixed with some of Rihanna’s signature bad-gal sultriness, you can definitely consider this jam your new anthem. Simple, sexy, and totally danceable? If that isn’t a cure for the mondays, I don’t know what is!

What do you think of ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’? What are you jamming out to this week?


Liza, Editorial Director


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