ShopMieux Beauty Moment: Vanilla Girls Unite!

Meet my newest beauty/fragrance obsession.

Meet my newest beauty/fragrance obsession.

I am, and always will be, a vanilla addict. We’re talking vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and vanilla sprinkles, please. Of course, this obsession goes beyond just food: My favorite fragrance can most accurately be described as a “naughty vanilla”–something sweet, pretty, and feminine, but also with a bit of sultry edge. Sugary, but dirty. Sweet, but intense. Make sense? Regardless, that’s my jam. The perfume most recently on my radar (and it should be on yours too if you consider yourself a vanilla girl!), Tokyo Milk’s “Sugar Sugar” captures this essence perfectly.  It’s a blend of vanilla, coconut milk, and (weirdly enough) basmati rice that smells so, so good. There’s also sandalwood, which seems to make the whole thing a bit more sophisticated and earthy…It’s the kind of perfume that’s so subtle and yummy that you’ll be smelling yourself all day. Need it? carries both 30ml and 1ml eau de parfum sprays, but Tokyo Milk also offers super adorable, purse-friendly “petit parfum solides”, which are .2oz doses of solid perfume made from “crushed and distilled essences” that I am completely enamored with. If you’re looking for a a naughty, non-traditional vanilla fragrance to call your own, Sugar Sugar is a must!


Liza, Editorial Director


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