Want It Wednesday: ShopMieux’s Gold Burberry Sunglasses

Gold Burberry Sunglasses - $120 @ShopMieux. Original price? $280. Image via ShopMieux.

Gold Burberry Sunglasses – $120 @ShopMieux. Original price? $280. Image via ShopMieux.

When you work for a resale shop as amazing as ShopMieux, avoiding constant online shopping of your own store can feel like a daily struggle. We just get SO many cute things! While I can’t always act on my must-shop impulses, I can always look at (and thus, lust over) our always-expanding collection of new arrivals. And what do you know?! We just got a ton of new cuties in. Dresses, jeans, tops, accessories, handbags – all of it. All in. I’m basically salivating at this point. One of my favorites of our newest offerings, however, is this particular pair of gold Burberry sunglasses. I love the warmth of the gold, the subtle nod at Burberry’s iconic novacheck pattern with the mirrored details on the lenses, and the classic aviator shape. So cute. These kind of remind me of Jennifer Lopez in her extra-glowy, body-chain sporting, early 2000 era…Somewhere between Diddy and Ben Affleck. AKA perfection. Also, since sunglasses are one accessory that I always find myself “needing”, this is a totally and completely justifiable purchase. So cute.

Loving these sunnies? Snap them up ASAP at ShopMieux for only $120! But hurry! We only have ONE pair!


Liza, Editorial Director


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