Listed: 2014 Style Resolutions!

Happy New Year, Mieuxs! If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably already aware that I absolutely adore lists. Making them, reading them, whatever, it’s love. It’s this love of lists, I think, that likely fuels a similar passion for resolutions. While I’ve already compiled a list of real-life, big-girl resolutions, I knew I wanted to sharpen my focus and really hone in on the changes I’m hoping to make from a fashion and style perspective. So, that’s what I did! These are my four style resolutions for 2014.

1. Wear more hats.

I love hats. Pretty much all hats. They’re a super easy way to add detail and interest, they class up (or at least “finish”) any outfit, and they hide crazy hair days, all while being legitimately functional–they’ll shade your eyes and protect your tresses in the summer, and keep you warm in the winter! I’ve been a warmer-weather hat fan for the past few years now, but for 2014, I’m looking to branch out and embrace a hat for every season! I already have my eye on a cute, floppy, black wool number for the rest of winter!

2. Wear yoga pants less frequently.

After Christmas, no wait, make that after Thanksgiving, I get really hardcore about yoga pants. I wear them entirely too much. It’s lazy. They’re just so comfy! I tend to justify my constant Lululemon-clad lower half by convincing myself that I can work out at any time if I’m already wearing the proper pants. True, but still lazy. It takes the same amount of time and effort to slide into some jeans as it does to slide into yogas, and the style payoff is at least 10x greater with denim than with Luon. Fact.

3. Clean out my closet (and make $$$ for it!)

I’ll admit that being a buyer for ShopMieux tends to keep me pretty up-to-date on my closet-cleaning game, but I’ve been noticing recently that I have a lot of pieces that I just do not wear, but haven’t actually parted with. Why?! All it does is take space in my closet! This year, I’m vowing to go through my closet twice a season and purge it of all of the apparel, shoes, and accessories that I’m not completely in love with….and send it into ShopMieux HQ so it can find a new home and I can make a little extra bank.

4. Focus on the entire look.

Have you ever noticed how bad hair (or even bad eyebrows) can just totally throw off an otherwise perfectly solid look? I have, and yet being styled head-to-toe is still something I struggle with. In an attempt to be more put-together over all, I’m going to focus on the details: Taking care of and styling my hair, skin, and nails as well as putting together cute outfits. All of the time? No way! But definitely more than I’m currently doing after the whole holiday-slide thing I’ve had going on. I think a little extra effort in this category will yield huge results, not just in how I look, but also how I feel.

Welcome, 2014! And as they say on Tumblr, please be good. Image Credit.

Welcome, 2014! And as they say on Tumblr, please be good. Image Credit.

And that’s it! What are your style resolutions? Do any of ours overlap? Share your thoughts – leave a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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