Mani Monday: Super Cute Scrabble Nails!

If you’re a wordy, crafty, words-with-friendsy, or otherwise letter-enamored lady, this manicure is most definitely for you. And apparently (although admittedly unbenounced to me)  it’s actually super trendy! A quick search through Pinterest reveals a plethora of scrabble-inspired nails, creating with varying degrees of difficulty. Some utilize multiple polish shades and coats, some freehand letters and numbers over a neutral base coat with a sharpie. But the manicure featured above is most definitely my favorite: It’s a wrap! The artist-designed “Love Letters” nail wrap kit by One Nail To Rule Them All sells on Scratch. It costs only $12, takes less than 10 minutes to apply, and requires zero drying time. It’s literally the most perfect scrabble-inspired mani you can get, accompanied by a super-cute sentiment and little hearts. Bookmark this one for v-day, ladies!

Would you rock Scrabble-inspired nails? What’s your take on nail wraps?


Liza, Editorial Director


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