The Click: 12/15 – 12/22


STILL not done Christmas shopping? HURRY! But no worries–we’ve got your back with the best-of-the-best in gift guides:

Jennifer Lawrence’s FLARE magazine cover was photoshopped. Who cares, right? No one, until someone made a pre-and-post photoshop GIF.

This is…interesting: “Exercises For Better Sex” from Women’s Health.

WikiHow has a random-but-awesome post on how to create your own temporary tattoo, which could be helpful if you’re deciding whether or not to get inked, or picking your placement.

Uh oh! Skinny jeans are ruining money! 

Rejoice: BuzzFeed has Anthropologie hacks!! 38 of them, to be exact.

Here’s what you should do if you leave the salon hating your hair, written by a stylist for xoJane. Worst feeling EVER.

Finally, Who What Wear lists 11 things you should never wear on a date. Guilty?


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