The Click: 12/08 – 12/15


If you’re into our “Word.” series, this piece from Who What Wear on the most ridiculous fashion quotes of all time is a must view! So many gems.

Need cute gym wear tailored specifically for your favorite barre classes? Well and Good NYC has you covered!

50 Shades of Grey lingerie is a thing….and it’s kinda hot.

This post from Devine Caroline on how to REALLY use a bobby pin may just blow your mind.

Worth a watch: HuffPo posted this video on 50 things you might not know your iPhone could do! Ohhh Siri.

Women’s Health proves that terrible sex ed makes for incredible (and hilarious) stories!

This post from Jezebel about the dark side of Lisa Frank is totally enthralling, but also a little depressing. Who knew there was so much drama behind the technicolor, cute unicorns, and animals with long eyelashes?!

If you missed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show¬†pre-show coverage, Nylon has a vid of VS Live streaming on their site!

More VS coverage, this time from Who What Wear–Victoria’s Secret By The Numbers. Iiinteresting.

This post from Thought Catalog about the new rules for the modern gentleman is dead on (and pretty cute.)

Finally, from blogger and all-around-cool-girl Sjana Elise Earp, here are 25 strategies to make your life a little more exceptional.


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