Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Holiday Style Done Right!

Image via Pinterest.

Holiday-friendly fashion – done & done! Image via Pinterest.

When it comes to holiday fashion don’ts, oftentimes, the style offenders are actually also somehow fashion dos! Think: Crushed velvet, sequins, and fur galore, not to mention a perpetual palate of red and green. When done incorrectly, it’s a recipe for disaster…or at least a totally terrible outfit. The outfit above, however, proves that a combination of silk + sequins + emerald can be completely stylish and actually quite chic. The glamourous jewel toned skirt pops against gold accents–jewelry, sassy heels, and a carefully studded bag. The whole thing is a little Carrie Bradshaw-esque, no? While the aforementioned sparkly statement shoes and layers of golden baubles seem like an obvious pair, the greatness in this outfit comes from its sheer randomness. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t ever even think of teaming a silky full skirt with a flannel, let alone adding glitter-incrusted pumps, but it’s a seasonally-appropriate ensemble that totally works. Definitely inspirational for the next few weeks!

What do you think of this OOTD? Would you rock something similar?


Liza, Editorial Director


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