The Official Mieux & Mieux Black Friday Resource Guide!

This girl is living the dream. Image Credit

This girl is living the dream. Image Credit

Here at Mieux & Mieux, we love shopping. That much is obvious! Know what we love even more than a trip to the mall, though? SMART shopping. When done correctly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like, olympic-level smart shopping pursuits! Want to make it one for the record books? You’re in luck–what follows is the official Mieux & Mieux resource guide to Black Friday. Click through these links for the 411 on the best deals, tips for tracking the items you want, and other key shopping how-tos. You’re welcome.

  • First things first, know your hours. Does your store of choice open on Thanksgiving? Midnight? 5am? This giant timetable from Today outlines things nicely.

  • Now that you know your start times, peep this Washington Post list of actual deals, complete with pro shopping tips.

  • More specifics from College Fashion: CF has compiled a GIGANTIC list of online and in-store coupons, sales, and tips with deals that start NOW and go through next week. Bookmark this one!

  • If brick and mortar shopping is more your thing, iVillage just released this Black Friday cheat sheet that outlines specific in-store deals to shop.

  • Feeling a little overwhelmed? No worries–pop over to Brad’s Black Friday, where you can check out leaked ads, Black Friday news, product guides, and, according to Brad, “research, plan and execute the best Black Friday shopping.”

  • Remember, just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean you get to be a d-bag. xoJane has tips for that, too.

Will you be participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday festivities this year? Remember to stay connected with Mieux & Mieux for OUR special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – details coming soon!!


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