Camouflage: Hot, Not, & How To Rock It.

Glamouflage. Image Credit.

Glamouflage. Image Credit.

Personally, when I think of camouflage, I think of sixth grade, army pants, and the Destiny’s Child video for Survivor. Though camo isn’t necessarily a huge trend, it does have sticking power. From “hunter-chic” to “hiding in plain site”, the tricky print has been popping up all over as of late–on hats, in street style photos, over pants, in varying hues. The newest iteration of the camo crop mixes the traditionally tough pattern with a decidedly more feminine aesthetic–think,  silk scarves and shirts, floaty dresses, fitted crops, and in muted neutral tones….Though of course, classic camo combat jackets always seem to retain their cool factor. Just because a particular print is prevalent, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not polarizing–camo may have lovers, but it isn’t everyone’s favorite print.  If you’re on the fence, (but obviously open to experimenting) here are three easy ways to work a little camouflage into your wardrobe.

How To Wear (& Rock!) Camouflage


  1. Go classic. When it comes to styles you find questionable, it’s almost always best to keep things simple. Simply put, DON’T MIX TRENDS! Ditch camo-covered skinny jeans and opt instead for the aforementioned army jacket. The result: increased wearability and style longevity.
  2. Use it as an accent. One of the easiest ways to wear even the scariest trends is to use it extra sparingly. Let camo, for example, make a cameo via shoes, a scarf, or your phone case. Little commitment, but a little extra interest and great style payoff.
  3. Make everything else ultra-feminine. I’m a sucker for dichotomy, so naturally, one of my favorite ways to see the camo trend is when it takes a girly twist.  A camo jacket + slip dress + the perfect pair of pointy-toe heels = the ultimate model-off-duty application of camouflage. Pair your tough camo pieces with lots of jewelry, pretty skirts and dresses, and impeccable hair and makeup. Bonus pro tip: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Camo looks especially great with leopard and geometric prints.

What’s your take on the camo trend? Is it HOT or NOT?


Liza, Editorial Director


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