Monday Motivation

After a weekend–whether it was crazy, fun, or super low-key–finding motivation to get up and do what you have to do can be tricky. The awesome thing about Mondays, however, is that if you tackle them correctly, they can set the tone for your entire week. Here are a few key tricks you can use to master your Monday and get primed for a killer week!

1. Work out. I know, I know–working out is probably the last thing you want to do on a Monday, but if you start now, you’ll be accumulating endorphins and working out all week. Obvious payoff? Hot weekend bod. Sneaky bonus: A mood and productivity boost. So head  to the gym, pop in your favorite workout DVD, or sign up for a hot yoga class! Even if you take just a half hour to go on a brisk walk with your pup, you’ll be doing something awesome for your mind and body. And hey–if you need a little EXTRA motivation to get to your workout, just check out this Tumblr that’s chock-full of Victoria’s Secret Angels photos. Treadmill, anyone?!

2. Chat with someone you love. In a perfect world, of course, Mondays would involve actually seeing this person–your bestie, your Mom, your boyfriend, whoever. But just incase you can’t, talking to them is the next best thing. Really talk to them though…Don’t text. Whether it’s via cell or Skype, have a real conversation with someone who always makes you feel awesome. Spending time venting, celebrating, or just talking fashion and celebrity gossip is a guaranteed mood lifter.

3. Find some time for yourself. I’m a big, no, HUGE believer in “me time”. My favorite escape? A long, luxurious bath with bath salts, essential oils, and candles. When I can’t make that happen, however, there are a lot of 5-minute pick-me-ups that go a long way in boosting my mood. It’s simple: Do whatever interests you and makes you happy! Deep condition your hair, paint your nails, zone out on Pinterest, watch Pretty Little Liars, read a book, online shop, have some chocolate, whatever! Be a little selfish 😉

4. Go to bed early. This one is simple: Your bed is super comfy. Checking in, sans phone or laptop, just half an hour earlier can have a huge impact on your Tuesday morning.

What are your best tips for getting motivated?!


Liza, Editorial Director


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