The Click: 11/03 – 11/10


If you haven’t seen SNL’s take on “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)” starring Kerry Washington, you should probably drop everything and watch now.

Refinery 29 proves that sometimes, movie quotes make the best wedding toasts.

Also from Refinery 29, why Mondays are the best days…at least in terms of motivation & starting something new!

Sparrow Face is the new Duck Face.

Want to live like Miranda Kerr? The Aussie model recently shared her must-have iPhone apps with

Kiiind of obsessed with The Weeping Graduate, especially this post on drinking like a “fancy bitch” on a budget. Love.

Splurge vs save is our fave! Check out these drugstore dupes for high-end products.

Thought Catalog has grocery shopping tips for 20-somethings….

Plus all of the 20-something makeup advice you’ll ever need.

BuzzFeed makes me want Diet Coke.

A writer from Thrillist goes on a Whole Foods bender, hilarity ensues.

Totally making these cinnamon-roasted pumpkin seeds from The Beauty Bean before pumpkin season is over!

Finally, just in time for party season, a mini-guide for improving your party photos from A Cup of Jo!


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