Thirsty Thursday: An Ode to Girly Drinks with Hot Pink Raspberry Cosmos!

We're getting blatant with our girliness. It's fine. Image Credit.

We’re getting blatant with our girliness. It’s fine. Image Credit.

Some women pride themselves in being guys’ girls when it comes to drinking. These are the ladies who make a big deal about exclusively sipping whiskey or craft beer. They turn their noses up at the mention of flavored spirits, abhor cutesy cocktail names, and even roll their eyes at vodka sodas. To this (and them) I say whatever. Being a girl is fun. And shamelessly indulging in pink, fruity, sparkly, drinks–if you’re into thing–every now and then is one of the perks that comes with being a member of our gender. Embrace your femininity and get tipsy with this recipe for the ultimate girl drink.

Hot Pink Raspberry Cosmos!

Image via Pinterest.

We promise not to judge even if you call this a pinktini. Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest, recipe modified from a post via Creative Culinary

Makes 2 cocktails.


  • 2 oz raspberry juice

  • 2 oz raspberry liqueur

  • 4 oz premium vodka

  • Juice from 1/2 lime

  • 1 oz simple syrup

  • Pink sugar crystals and raspberries for garnish


1. Chill two standard-size martini glasses with ice and water.

2. In a shaker, combine raspberry juice, raspberry liqueur, vodka, and lime juice over ice. Shake well until mixture is ice cold.

3. Pour ice water out of chilled martini glasses. Prepare the sugared rims by dipping the rims of the glasses in simple syrup and then into the pink sugar.

4. Divide the drink mixture between the two glasses and garnish with whole raspberries. Enjoy!

Want more? Check out GIRLY DRINKS on Pinterest.


Liza, Editorial Director


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