Listed: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop–The Clothes I’ll Never Get Rid Of & Why

Obviously, I love fashion. I’ve also always loved shopping–finding the perfect pieces and styling outfits has served as therapy, a distraction, a bonding tool, a super-fun creative outlet, and a general pastime over the past howevermany years of my life. This all being said, it probably comes as little surprise that once upon a time, I used to be quite, clothes hoarder. Working for Mieux & Mieux, of course, has reformed me: As a buyer, I’m provided with the perfect outlet/distribution channel for my gently-worn (and sometimes not-worn-at-all) threads. But, as they say, old habits die hard and there are a few key pieces that just stick with me. Inspired by this post from xoJane, I decided to make a list of three pieces-things I never wear–but cannot (read, WILL not) get rid of.

1. A Floral Print Zara Dress. 

I got this dress in Madrid in 2010, in what may have been the most epic summer of my life. It was  super cheap and the only one left in my size. It’s body-con, bordering on inappropriately short, and no longer fits me properly, but I absolutely refuse to part with it. It contains too many memories of rooftop drinking, flirting with foreign men, making the best friends ever, and (weirdly enough) finding myself half way across the world. I’ve sold, given away, or discarded almost everything from that summer, but I will never ever ever get rid of this dress.

2. A pair of ‘Chelsea’ Joe’s Jeans.

I got engaged in these jeans, guys! ENGAGED! You would think that the engagement ring I’ve been sporting since that day would be enough commemorative fashion, right? WRONG. The jeans stay. This is incredibly stupid considering that they’re now too big, I’m generally sick of them, and have probably worn them three times since said engagement, but I already gave away the one-shoulder top I was wearing and I’m pretty sure my shoes (which I don’t actually think I even totally remember) somehow broke, so yeah, my engagement jeans are here to stay. Forever.

3. One Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels Embrace’ Lace Push-Up Bra

Truth be told, I wear a real bra so infrequently that the fact that I even own this lavender memory-foam bust-enhancing device is laughable. My style these days gravitates more toward unlined, ultra-lacy triangle numbers–I’m not fooling anyone with crazy cleavage or cup size-based delusions of grandeur. I keep it, though, because sometimes I get a little crazy and want to feel sexy, which generally involves a bar, an-ultra tight, low-cut tank top, and this bra–allowing my 32baby-Bs to be worthy of the spotlight. I’d say this happens maybe twice a year. Sometimes a girl just needs a boost.

This image totally personifies the struggle of a clothing hoarder. I'm obsessed. Image Credit.

This image totally personifies the struggle of a clothing hoarder. I’m obsessed. Image Credit.

Are you a clothes hoarder? Which items in your closet are there to stay?


Liza, Editorial Director


2 thoughts on “Listed: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop–The Clothes I’ll Never Get Rid Of & Why

  1. Yes, I’m definitely a clothes hoarder. Recently I let go of half of my shoe collection because I’m unable to wear them. I have too many dresses though, and other than just a few, I’ve insisted on keeping them. This is silly because some dresses don’t get worn but once a year or even less.

    • Right? I know exactly what you mean! Sentimental value is major with clothes, and it’s the worst feeling when you get rid of something and then find yourself longing for it later! I can’t! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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