Fashion News: New Subscription Service Delivers Tights to Your Doorstep!

Score a monthly fix of legwear from Hella Tights and kiss rips goodbye. Image Credit.

Score a monthly fix of legwear from Hella Tights and kiss rips goodbye. Image Credit.

As we’ve discussed previously on the blog, subscription services–providing monthly doses of everything from gluten free treats to nail polish–have become quite de rigueur in the last 12 months or so. While initially exciting and innovative, the subscription market has gotten so saturated as of late that the concept is starting to seem a little ridiculous. I mean, come on: Monthly makeup samples? Workout clothes? Dog treats? Period supplies? Bow ties? OKAY. Enough is enough, right?! I thought so too…until I heard about Hella Tights today.

For between $20 and $30, Hella Tights will deliver two pairs of ultra-premium hosiery to your very doorstep every month! While the service charge may sound a little steep, Hella Tights promises only the most kickass of tights – we’re talking prints, patterns, texture, colors, crazy, crazy combinations in legwear. Price aside, the only viable con with HT’s model is that users aren’t able to select their exact “perfect pair”–fate in this case, is left up to Hella Tights’ fashion gods. Obvious pro: Considering the fact that it’s officially November, you’re probably going to be rocking tights on the regular, so the service is a super-dope way not only to score some new pieces, but to change up your wardrobe sans effort or much extra cash.

For more on Hella Tights, check out their Facebook page or get on the list for the launch at their website,!


Liza, Editorial Director


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