The Click: 10/13 – 10/20


Halloween is almost here! Click over to Brit & Co for 9 DIY Pop Culture Costumes from 2013!

Speaking of pop culture and halloween….Check out this infographic of pop costumes through the ages via Daily Infographic.

This video of the breakdown of Marylin Monroe’s beauty routine that  was recently posted on Thought Catalog may just blow your mind…Or at the very least change the way you look at the iconic blonde.

Also semi-makeup related, there’s a weird selfie-fueled YouTube trend based on judging attractiveness–Daily Makeover reports.

Feeling cranky? Theresa Buoy talks creative self-care solutions…Check it!

Transition time! StyleCaster has the scoop on taking your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Oreos = Cocaine. But actually.

Hat-phobic? Don’t be! Who What Wear has a guide for rocking the hat right.

Finally, for all you celebrity gossip lovers, Blind Gossip just “solved” this blind item about a boy band, family dramz, & a fake baby bump. YIKES!

Best. Proposal. EVER.  (Except for mine, duh.)

Shocker (?): Britney Spears got a “digital diet” for her new video…


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