Fashion News: Kate Hudson Does Workout Gear

Move over Lululemon, Lucy, & Athleta! Thanks to our favorite boho gal, there’s a new name in lifestyle and athletic wear in town: Fabletics. Kate Hudson joins the ever-growing club of celebrity designers, co-founding the highly accessible Fabletics line with JustFab Inc. Unlike her aforementioned competition, Kate promises that Fabletics will offer cute and affordable athletic wear that you’ll want to wear all day. So, why workout wear? According to Kate, Fabletics’ fitness-focused goods will allow her to “reach more women” than she ever could with a collection of couture dresses.  And hey–though the movie star mom isn’t the first person we’d picture starting an gym line, she does claim to live in leggings, so we’ll take her word on this one!

Using a style subscription method similar to ShoeDazzle, Fabletics sells gear that caters to multiple workout types–yoga, spinning, pilates, and running, just to name a few–with stylish jackets, tanks, tights, and shorts. Aside from their cute wears and affordable prices (you can get a full-on outfit from Fabletics for less than a pair of Lulu crops!), the line was also designed with all different body types in mind…so there really is something for every body. As with any subscription service, provides potential customers with a quick “lifestyle quiz” before prescribing customized outfit picks, sure to appeal to both you and your workout. Intrigued? Click over! For a limited time, Fabletics is offering 50% off your first outfit + free shipping to new customers. If you’re a gym rat, this is definitely for you.

Would you buy subscription-based workout gear? How do you feel about Kate Hudson taking design reigns? Will you be trying Fabletics?


Liza, Editorial Director

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