Mani Monday: Grown-Up Halloween Nails

Spooky chic. Image via Pinterest.

Spooky chic. Image via Pinterest.

Much as we love our nail art, sometimes a lady desires a look that’s a little more sophisticated….Even for Halloween. The answer to the twenty-something halloween-inspired nails of our dreams? This manicure. No pumpkins, cobwebs, or tiny tombstones here! Just creepiness that also happens to be totally chic. Further proof:  It boasts high-fashion beginnings. Tempted? Read on to find out more!

The particular paint job in question made its debut on the Tess Giberson Spring 2014 runway. To create the look, nail technician Jin Soon Choi dotted on her JINSOON Obsidian polish, then used a makeup sponge to wipe most of it off, making a subtle, yet totally grungy statement with darkly-colored cuticles and stray streaks down each nail. 

The makings of a killer mani. Image via Pinterest.

The makings of a killer mani. Image via Pinterest.

On her blog, Jin’s Journal, Jin Soon posted a backstage video of the Tess Giberson show, in which she discusses her inspiration and breaks down the steps for copping the manicure yourself.  It’s incredibly simple, but also packs a serious punch. Did we mention that the whole dark cuticle thing is kinda creepy? It totally is, which makes it absolutely ideal for a grown-up halloween look. If you want to make things more traditional, fill in the uncolored part of your nails with an orange polish. If you’re looking for a more glamourous look, opt for a metallic. Whatever your design aesthetic, you’ll end up with eye-catching, vaguely spooky nails. Gotta love that!

How do you feel about 24/7 nail art? Do you prefer a more pared down manicure? Would you paint your nails like this for halloween? Share your thoughts with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director

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