The Click: 10/06 – 10/13


This annotated list of role models for the 20-something woman from Thought Catalog is so spot-on I can barely handle it. Read, bookmark, love.

Also from TC and also amazing: 16 Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself.

PMS cookies are a thing. xoJane has the perfect recipe for making a batch.

Here’s Alexa Vega in a leather dress, just because. #styleinspiration

It’s always classic when Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but this installment of the series is particularly clutch. The Lil’ Wayne part?! OMG. I’ve watched this video no less than 10 times and I haven’t been able to contain my laughter yet.

Finally, a tutorial for curling your hair with a flat iron that actually results in real, swirly curls!

Style Runner’s post on snacking strategies is full of smart solutions for daytime (or anytime!) hunger.

K, this is too cute: Man uses girlfriend’s Pinterest to plan dream proposal, wedding on same day. The fact that this guy even knew to LOOK at Pinterest is kind of mind blowing, no?

We already know that blue is supposedly the #1 color for this season’s clothing, but Elle shares the trendiest makeup hues for fall HERE.

Satiregram is here and it’s amazing. Trust me on this one.

Would you ever swap your used makeup online? You can now… Total Beauty covers the pros and cons of the gently-used makeup trade.

If I had the patience, I would TOTALLY rock these xoVain opal-inspired nails. Sooo dope.

Finally, this article from Refinery29 on hidden iOS 7 features will likely make you super impressed and productive, but also feel super dumb for not already knowing about them. Woo!


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