Mani Monday: The Accent Nail

In the world of nail art, adding a statement nail or two isn’t exactly revolutionary.  Just because the accent nail isn’t a new trend, however, doesn’t mean that it isn’t totally noteworthy: One of the easiest ways to spice up your mani game is by simply making a single digit remarkably different from the rest! I love an accent nail for a few reasons: One, It’s an easy way to get in a pattern, design, or effect (think glitter, caviar, or suede) without committing to a style full-on, two, it’s a totally personalized, customizable “trend”, and three it requires minimal effort. Sometimes the effortless look really is effortless 😉

Though it looks rather technical (or at least artistically challenging) upon first glance, the manicure featured above is actually totally attainable for even the most novice of nail artists. Here’s how to copy it! Using a quad of three pastel shades, dot polish in a grid over any ONE given nail, then paint your remaining nine nails black (or midnight blue!!). Let dry. Once polish has dried, cover all 10 nails with a translucent glitter polish. Viola! Galaxy/nebula/starry night nails! Cosmic love for real.

What do you think of this manicure? Have you rocked an accent nail?


Liza, Editorial Director


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