The Click: 09/29 – 10/06


We’re starting things off this week with a super-cute DIY! Here’s how to make a trendy animal jewelry holder yourself, courtesy of Fashionlush!

Refinery29 tackles an unfortunate financial issue faced by many freelancers…here’s how to get the $$$ that’s owed to you.

This piece on losing the freshman 15 from That Girl Mag is basically perfection. It’s not what you think. Read. Now.

Uh oh! Here’s a not-so-great review of Miley’s new album…and by not so great I mean that the reviewer thought it was terrible.

In other Miley news, have you heard about the feud between her and Sinead Oconnor? No bueno.¬†Here’s a recap

PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!! Here’s a killer resource for fall cooking: a ton of pumpkin-themed recipes in one place! Yaaaas.

Finally, I laughed way too hard at this list of 100 things to ask Siri from Gizmodo.


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