Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Sexy Street Style

20131005-150308.jpgWhile I’m completely enamored by every element of this outfit, it is, admittedly, not an outfit I would ever personally sport. To say that I wear heels 3% of the time would be an overstatement, and thanks to Minnesota’s oft-arctic climate, my mini skirt days are unfortunately limited. Personal wearability aside, however (and maybe this is why I love it so much!!), I still find this look rich in inspiration, especially for Saturday night affairs! As with most killer outfits, the details in the styling are what makes this look a standout: An asymmetrical zippered hem on the skirt, lace-up cage heels, a boxy, gold-accented bag…it’s the little things that catch the eye. Lots of people probably wouldn’t think of pairing many of the individual pieces in a single outfit–a washed out, baggy blouse + fancy heels? Gently tousled hair + a sparkly skirt?–but teamed together, they form a rather stunning outfit. Pretty. Effortless. Feminine….Even a little bit glamorous. Pinterest sourced, of course! If that isn’t the ideal Saturday night outfit, I don’t know what is.
Liza, Editorial Director

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