Outfit Inspiration: Fall Fashion Perfected

Oh hey, poster child for fall fashion. Let's talk. Image via Pinterest.

Oh hey, poster child for fall fashion. Let’s talk. Image via Pinterest.

As we’ve touched on previously, fall is arguably the best season for fashion. Crisp air and cool mornings allow for scarves, boots, and jackets, all casually layered into the perfect effortless-chic outfit. Another reason to love fall? Bolds return. From lipstick to handbags, deep jewel tones have returned. It’s love. This particular outfit (image courtesy of Pinterest, naturally,) has all of the trappings of the ultimate autumn look. Leather. Gold. Wool. Boots. Buckles. The styling is perfection and each particular piece of apparel is spot-on–key for creating a style-conscious, but not overly-trendy look. Also, sidebar, can we just take a second to talk about how glorious this particular angle is for fashion selfies?! I’m a little obsessed.

Get The Look!

There’s a ton of inspiration to be found within this outfit, so no worries if you’ve suddenly found yourself craving similar pieces. We’ve got you covered. Start things off with the  Arzt double-strap ankle boots from Aldo, add a classic quilted bag like this stunner by Rebecca Minkoff, squeeze into a black and cream skirt–the ‘Daphne‘ from Reiss is an excellent option–and top things off with your very own belted oxblood hat. Done and done. Fall fashion perfected.

What do you think of this look, Mieuxs? Would you wear something similar? What are your fall wardrobe essentials?


Liza, Editorial Director


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