The Click: 09/22 – 09/29


One of the downsides of online shopping is ordering something fab and then finding out that it doesn’t fit. Major buzz kill! Luckily for us, Who What Wear published a guide on taking your measurements at home to avoid that little issue!

We all love Instagram, but Fab Fit Fun has a report on a slew of other photo editing apps to enhance your favorite instas.

Uh oh, Miley…Thor’s baby brother has a new GF! Spoiler alert: She’s totally stunning.

The Man Repeller has a pint-sized fan! Check out Elle’s piece on The Boy Repeller, the self-proclaimed “fashion child” of one of our favorite stylish ladies.

Torn about leather vests? WWW has tips! Check out stylish suggestions for wearing a motorcycle vest HERE.

These 80’s beauty games and toys were the best, no?! I want all of them!

This one is a little NSFW-ish, but totally worth a peek: “What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads” is so priceless. Ha.

LEAKED: Photos from the Isabel Marant x H&M collection lookbook!!

What does being a twentysomething mean to you? If you’re not quite sure, you’ll definitely want to check out this piece on moments, milestones, and what it means to grow up from todaywasmeaningful.

This is crazy and amazing–NARS is revealing their new collection via Snapchat!

Finally, from BuzzFeed, a Lorde/M.I.A. mashup: Royal Planes.


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