Hot Or Not: Over-The-Knee Boots

As far as footwear trends are concerned, over-the-knee boots aren’t exactly the new kids on the block. Like any statement-making shoe, however, they do skew a bit towards questionable at times. OTK lovers praise the boots for their ability to instantly sex-ify every outfit–a definite perk for daring dressers. Naysayers of the style, however, question OTK’s wearability, comfort, and general attractiveness. In short, people are torn! Naturally we have to weigh in 😉 Peep these style snaps before making the final call!

Though thigh-high boots definitely have the ability to be super sexy–some would say too sexy–the style doesn’t have to be skanky in the least! Tips for toning it down? First and foremost, consider the rest of your outfit! I love a pair of tall boots paired with a feminine, as seen above. If everything else is more demure or relaxed, OTK boots will work to add some fun dichotomy and spice to your look. If all else fails, simply select a boot sans stilettos – flats or a chunky heel work well to temper that inherent sex appeal.

Stylish, sophisticated, and sexy: is this the perfect outfit?! The addition of wedge-heeled OTK boots in this jewel-toned fall look really take this ensemble to the next level. Even better? They’re super flattering. While I’m not sure of the exact height of the girl pictured, dusters, large scarves, and thigh highs can be difficult pieces to pull off if you’re under 5’10, and she has combined all of them into one look! But it works! The duster sweater shortens, the boots lengthen, and with the scarf’s added volume, the visual impact of the look isn’t just straight up and down. It’s an unexpected combination that totally works.

A bohemian twist on over-the-knee boots?! Yepper! And, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the only celebrity who loves a good pair of OTKs–Rihanna, Kate Moss, and the entire Kardashian clan are all fans of the trend, and each wear them in very distinct, individual ways. Love a trend that you can easily make your own.

So, are over-the-knee boots HOT or NOT?

The choice is yours, Mieuxs! Yes or no? Would you wear over-the-knee boots?


Liza, Editorial Director


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