Open Fashion Forum: What Do You Splurge On?

Why save when you can splurge? #livingthedream Image Credit.

Why save when you can splurge? #livingthedream Image Credit.

One of my favorite things in shopping is scoring an amazing deal. I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper, so paying 100% full retail is something I try to avoid. With coupon codes, sample sale sites, outlets, eBay, and killer consignment stores (hello, Mieux & Mieux!) ponying up the full price for just about has become obsolete basically optional. Sometimes, however, a girl just needs a good splurge…Right?! Back me up, ladies! What do you splurge on? Here are the 3 items I feel no guilt in paying full price for. 

1. Bras. 

While I’ve outgrown my bra obsession of the early-and-mid 00s (I think I owned half of Victoria’s Secret…it was bad), every now and then, I’ll get fancy and buy some sort of lacy/strappy/feminine something. The right fitting bra makes a huge difference in how you look and feel, so paying a little extra to ensure the perfect fit is completely worth it. That, and I just can’t handle the feel of cheap underwear. Shudder.

2. Denim.

This one is a half-truth for me, because I’m completely addicted to designer denim, so it still feels like I’m paying a lot if I’m spending $100 on jeans that were originally $225. Being the size I am, I either have really amazing or really terrible luck when it comes to jeans shopping: everything is on sale or there are two pairs of jeans in my size and both are awful. It’s a trade off. Regardless, I’ll go big (price wise) on a perfect pair of J.Brands, 7FAMKs, or Citizens every time.

3. Gym clothes/shoes.

I feel the same way about paying full price about athletic shoes as I do about bras: It’s worth it to ensure the right fit…and style. With me and workout clothes, however, it’s a combination of availability and addiction (again). It’s near impossible for me to find gym clothes that are cute, comfortable, flattering, and cheap. Like, I’m pretty sure it’s never happened. I’ll get close, maybe, but I always end up paying a premium for the good stuff. Plus I’m convinced that once you get Lululemon pants you never go back. If you don’t have any yet, save yourself and stay away. Your ass will never look better, but the cult of $90 yogas is totally real.

What about YOU?! Are there certain items are you willing to pay extra for? What do you splurge on?

Whether you can relate or not, I’d love to catch your thoughts in the comments!


Liza, Editorial Director


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