Hot or Not: Flares

Since everything in fashion is so heavily cyclical, it only makes sense that 70s-staple flared bottoms are experiencing a style resurgence. From jumpsuits to jeans, bell-hemmed bottoms are all over the fashion world this fall. But is the trend real world wearable? We’ll touch on a few of the pros and cons.

Flares: Hot or Not?

  • Pro: Flared bottoms create the illusion of a longer leg. I once read that teeny tiny, itty bitty celeb stylist Rachel Zoe wears only bell bottoms (and stacked platforms or–in her own words–“tranny heels”) in order to create an extra-long, streamlined silhouette. Honestly, it works! Not only does a flared bottom cover the majority of just about any shoe thus concealing even the highest heel, but it also doesn’t break up the look
  • Con: They can look dated or costume-y. As much as I adore the gausey, printed, hippie/gypsy-inspired bell bottoms of late, you must admit that they aren’t the most wearable for a non-bohemian girl on a daily basis. If your style tends more towards the conservative, classic, or urban lens, this particular variety of bells may not be for you.
  • Pro: They can provide balance to curvier hips and thighs. Remember the 7FAMK ‘Dojo’ jeans of yesteryear? The wide-leg, low waist cut was a cult fave, which makes total sense when you consider how especially flattering the pair was on women with more athletic and curvaceous thighs. Wider thighs + wide leg jeans = perfect proportions.
  • Con: They can look less professional than a straight or skinny leg. Though the inherent bohemian vibe of a wide-leg pant is a pro for many, the style does look more casual than the other aforementioned cuts. That’s not to say that a flare can’t look totally formal and chic! It totally can–it just involves more calculated tailoring and styling than s/s bottoms.
  • Pro: Flares serve as a super-comfy alternative to the skinny jean. Tired of stuffing your legs into ultra-tight jeggings day after day, season after season? Yeah…Us too. Ditch them in favor of some extra breathing room…It’s even good for your circulation.

So, Mieuxs: What do YOU think?

What’s your personal verdict on flares? Do or don’t? Hit or miss? Hot or not? You get the final word!


Liza, Editorial Director


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