The Click: 09/01 – 09/08

tumblr_msg8ie3K011qd5409o1_500I’m totally, shamelessly obsessed with this post on faking a haircut from Free People! Why chop it when you can fake it, right?

From Betches Love This, “Betchy New Words Have Finally Been Added to the Dictionary!” …Srsly?

Gabbi Fresh covers the Addition Elle #IHaveGreatGenes plus-sized model search…Totally get in on this one if you can!

If you’re into or unexpected beauty tips or  you just love Orange Is The New Black, you’ll probably be pretty into this xoVain piece about Rikers Island beauty hacks.

Speaking of beauty, So. Many. Beautiful. People! 51, to be exact, from Elle.

Mac Hacks! YES! Thank you BuzzFeed!

This piece on before and after photos titled “Seduced by the Illusion” is super interesting, but will mess with your mind.

Finally, a word from your friendly neighborhood Pumpkin Spice Latte hater. Ha!


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