The Jam: ‘Hey Juliet’ – LMNT

No, these guys aren't extras from Zoolander...They're pop sensation LMNT! Image Credit

No, these guys aren’t extras from Zoolander…They’re pop sensation LMNT! Image Credit

When it comes to travel, for me, the #1 most important accessory (outside of actual accessories, duh) is some sort of music-playing device. Right now, I’m road tripping through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with my family for a wedding. What does this mean? For one thing, zero cell service. Instead of jamming out to Pandora or Slacker on my phone, I dug through my drawers in hopes of finding another means of musical entertainment: My long-lost iPod. Well guys, I found it! And with it came a slew of playlists, songs, and artists (I’m looking at you, Mac Miller and Mason Jennings!) that I hadn’t been acquainted with since late 2011. Seriously, such a trip. This post is in honor of all of those forgotten, semi-ancient jams! So much Ke$ha, Jesse J, Katy Perry, and baby J.Biebs, guys. It was out of control.

Now, just because I haven’t listened or updated new music to my iPod in two years doesn’t mean that I limited this jam selection process to those from that era! No no. This jam isn’t even from our current millennium. That’s right–we’re taking things way way back with this one. Boy band era. Hey Juliet comes courtesy not of N*Sync or Backstreet Boys, but from less famous pop stars, LMNT…which is cool, because it’s like “element” but with no vowels.  I’m also pretty sure these guys had a song about a “girl in a green dress”, who I’m pretty sure was played by one Jennifer Love Hewitt in their music video, but that might have been LFO. Who knows. So many boy bands! Anyway, Hey Juliet first came out when I was in elementary school, but I remember jamming to it throwback-style my senior year of high school, so it’s clearly withstood the test of time. And I mean, with that harmony-driven key change out of bridge? Absolute glory. Take a trip down memory lane with LMNT’s Hey Juliet! Promise we won’t judge if you find yourself singing along 😉

What are you jamming out to this weekend? What were you all about in 2011? What about in 1998?! Feel free to share your favorite musical moments below–I’d love to get your point of view!


Liza, Editorial Director


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