Fall Fashion Essentials: The 5 Things You Need This Season

You know the drill, guys: It’s officially the beginning of a new season. While we’re not completely ready to let go of summer, thankfully, there’s new fall clothing to console us. We’ll take any excuse to shop 😉 Seasons changing? Prime time for retail therapy. But what to buy?! All of this, of course! Here are the five pieces you need to get your closet ready for fall.

  1. The perfect autumn hat. Here are Mieux & Mieux, we’re all about headwear. You don’t have to retire your favorite hat just because summer is over! Headgear is for all seasons. Whether you’re rocking a felt fedora, trendy snapback, slouchy beanie, or an embellished panama, a cute hat is the easiest way to simultaneously cover up a crazy hair day and garner a little extra attention. Find a signature piece and make it work for you. Shop It
  2. Leather outerwear. I automatically associate fall with leather; jackets, vests, take your pick. Wear them over everything, from plain white t-shirts and jeans to feminine dresses and tights. Though I’m a firm believer that every girl should own one amazing and classic leather jacket, if you’re not willing to make the splurge–or if you’re a cruelty-free kind of girl!–there are a ton of super cute (and generally super cheap) vegan leather options everywhere these days. Shop It
  3. Circle scarves (and cute scarves in general!). Layer up! There’s something so great about topping an outfit off with a scarf. Not only do you add interest and warmth, but you guarantee some built-in coziness. XL circle scarves that double as blankets are my go-to, especially if it’s fashioned in a chunky knit. Fall snuggles are the best snuggles. Shop It
  4. Dark denim. Boring? Perhaps. But also totally classic. Retire your lighter washes for the season and grab a few pairs of dark-wash jeans with varying leg openings. Flares are coming back in, but you’ll still need some skinnies to tuck into #5. Shop It
  5. Boots. Fall is boot season! Personally, I like to rock a pair of flat equestrian boots just about any time it drops below 60°, but fall is the perfect time to experiment with other styles, too. Get some wear out of ultra-trendy ankle boots or their polar opposite, the thigh-grazing over-the-knee variety. Shop It

What are your fall essentials? Adding anything new to your shopping list specifically for the 2013 season? 


Liza, Editorial Director

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